Indian traditional food

Indian food has been topic of gossip among western people. Generally talking about Indian food it’s totally Multicultural like the Indian society. India being a tropical country has always had similar to their subcontinent friends. A typical breakfast for an Indian would be Dosa (made from battered rice) or a chapatti with Raitha (a dish consisting of curd and onions).There are other places in India where they also have Poha as a breakfast meal (generally a Marathi food but found its popularity in Bengal).It consists of fried rice flakes with Indian spices mixed with half-baked onions and chopped coriander and a dash of lime. Lunch is the favorite part of an Indian cuisine where meals are very diverse and very authentic. Generally, common folks prefer to have Biriyani (A dish from Persia found its way to Iran and then to India). People residing near Sindh province (Punjab, Himachal, and Jammu) tend to consume Naan and butter chicken with salads and ice cream and ever fantasized Gulab Jamun. Indian folks generally keep the dinner as simple as it can get; maybe a few Roti with panner (quite similar to cheese) sabji and maybe Dal and few lenticels. There are other places where they also serve Aloo paratha (Roti blended with potatoes and tomato and lenticels and spices. The last day in the meal is incomplete without a large Punjabi Lassie (a big glass of curd with dipped rose essence and almond poured over it).