Indian Cuisine

download (1)The Indian food has a lot of texture and quality and is regarded as one of the most satisfying meals that one can have. The Indian Cuisine is one of the most multi-cultured foods that one can have his lifetime. It is quite unique compared to other Asian food. “Indian meal is incomplete with a Punjabi dish”. A vintage Punjabi food consists of Tandoori chicken butter chicken and korma and Stuffed garlic bread and butter Naan. Coming to the aspect of deserts you get Punjabi Motta dahi(big glass of buttermilk with chopped coriander and robust Indian spices with a sprinkle of mustard and sesame seeds).The one more main aspect of Punjabi dish is to end with Amritsar Gulab Jamun(fried rice balls dipped in sweet sauce) which is quite different compared to other counterparts. A Bengali meal is incomplete without a fish. The main component of a Bengali meal is fish curry and Poha which form the core of their food. The Bengali fish curry is famous all across the globe. Tamil cuisine is also the heart and soul of Indian cuisine consisting of Chettinad chicken curry and Rice blended with sambar (a dish made from Dal and Curry leave).