MASALA DOSA……………… RS 110

ROGAN JOSH …….…………… RS 95

BIRIYANI ………..……………… RS 220




BUTTER CHICKEN ………….………… RS 130

DAL MAKHANI ………………..………… RS 100


Masala Myrtle Beach

Masala Myrtle Beach is an Indian restaurant which is located in the South Carolina, US. Talking about food is always fascinating and very exciting. There are lots of western foods that people resort to, but nothing can satisfy like old fashioned Indian restaurants. A food joint must be very aromatic affordable and should have lots of variety that people relinquish. Quality of any classic hotel can be understood by population in that holds at any given time. Innumerous numbers of fast food joints have come up at a staggering rate in cities across the globe. Sole success of any joint can be described in one word “price”.
As typical Indians folks would grab the attention of any restaurant which is quite cheap and does not compromise on the quality of the food being served. These types of motels serve you the “THALI” which begins by having a lemon juice or a small drink followed by a heavy on course meal consisting of Dal, panner (similar to cheese), chapatti (Thin pancake made out of wheat and Maida and few locals spices to blend in perfectly with finely chopped coriander leaves).Next on the list is sabji (made out of potato and tomato curry and curry leaves).There might be similar option to opt for cauliflower curry as well. The meal takes a huge turn from here, mates here look forward to desserts served on a heavy meal comprising of rasagula (the sweet made from Maida and flour dipped in sweet syrup).The meal comes to a conclusion with a falooda (ice cream).

Chaps, based in south India prefer to have a heavier meal compared to their counterparts. The meal begins off with Rice and Dal (little thicker than north Indian style and extensive use of tomato, garlic, and sesame).Chicken curry is a most loved meal of the south Indian delicacy. The state of Kerala has its own cuisine made up of fish gravy (a stew made out of fish).Karnataka takes pride in making a mutton curry made out of rice flakes and mashed potato. Andhra Pradesh specialices in different varieties of prawn curry served on a hot plate with baked bread to it. Well, there is a famous saying “an Indian who has not tasted street food can no longer be called an Indian. Eyes lit up seeing the samosa, (deep fried Maida dish, looks like a triangle, stuffed with potatoes and sesame seeds inside), pani poori (a small ball like looking structure stuffed with mint water), vada pav (bread stuffed with tomato and onion curry baked with potato), dahi chat (a sweet dish made out of curd and poori and onions and coriander form the rest of the essence).


What are the places to be visited in Carolina?

There is a list of amazing places to be visited in the Carolina. Carolina is a beautiful place which is known to be the Old North State and Tar Heel State. It has a list of amazing places and nature can be explored.First, Lake Lure is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in the North Carolina. It is known to be a popular filming spot, especially for the Hollywood movies. Bryson City is one of the biggest settlement; existing from the ancient days in the North Carolina. It is especially notable for its mountains and river rafting is a one done in the Bryson City. The same time it is also known for its Smokey Mountain Train Museums and the Cooper Creek Trout Farm where the folks can spend their precious time here with their friends and families. Nags Head the most popular tourist locations have many beaches and a relaxed atmosphere; the folks can spend their time lavishly leaving all their stress, tension and pressure. On the other side of the flip, there are several cottages in the important locations so that the tourist can spend their long weekend here. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse structure in the United States. But this lighthouse will be opened only seasonally and there are about two hundred and fifty steps to climb on; it has a well unique experience. Due to the effects of the land erosion; the lighthouse was moved slightly inland in the year 1999. Chimney Rock is a one which has a wide range of the child-friendly nature explorations. It is said to be that most of the movies were filmed at this park only. Summer season which is one of the most beautiful places which has to be visited here. The families can visit the Emerald Forest and at the same, there is a list of sports for the kite surfing and fishing. On the other side of the flip, the folks can visit the Charlotte Nature Museum. Here the animals and the plants are found in the Piedmont area. The Cedar Rock falls are not the biggest one but they are the extremely photogenic one. The most visited park in the United States is the Great Smoky Mountains. There are incredible views of the stunning vista and there are many churches, barns, and the log chains etc.